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1999 – 2006 | The Street Days:
bangkutaman was formed in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. bangkutaman was a four students who played music as a way to exist, a statement of boredom with the music scenes at that time. In time, bangkutaman received reputation as a pop band with punk-rock attitude, admired by the punk and metal scenes in Yogyakarta.

2007 – 2015 | The Struggle Days:
After two years of hiatus, the band got back together in Jakarta. bangkutaman transformed into a three-piece, folk-based band that sings about the struggle of urban life and social issues. The band came out strong with the album “Ode Buat Kota” in 2010 and gained national recognition. However, it took a while for the band to be creatively productive again after Ode Buat Kota.

2016 – Present | The Acceptance Days:
The band found an enlightment and started to manage the band profesionally. bangkutaman released “Rileks” in 2016 and started to communicate about work-life balance in its creative works and performances. A new full-album and singles are coming out in 2017.

Lead Vocal/Guitar: Wahyu “Acum” Nugroho
Vocal/Bass: Madava
Drums: Christo Putra


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